We just made web analytics and tracking much easier for you.

Metice is made to focus on privacy while you get access to heatmaps, session replays and geographical data. Basically everything you need to get started!

Full Tracking

You can enable up to five websites, where they will be monitored 24×7 of visitors visiting the website.

Geographical Data

Learn more about your visitors and view their geographical data such as city, device and city in details.

Session Replays

Replay exactly what the visitors did on your website, you can replay this as a video from our dashboard.

🤩 You can call it: suite full of tracking tools.

Let’s just say it simply, we are a business suite full of different features to track and understand your visitors. Just like an all-in-one package, you get it, but we do it cheaply.

Pageviews among users
Users among websites

Replay, heatmaps and support

Integrated all in one you get access to the ability to replay, view heatmaps and help by an expert team!

Replay, view and evaluate

Easily replay your visitors doings on your websites, you can use the integrated video player on our platform to view the recordings.

Experience Heatmaps

Heatmaps is a new era, see warmth where people have clicked a lot and figure out if you have bugs on your site or not.

Experienced Support

Our team is experienced with Metice, and can answer any question you may have. We are always available at your hand!

Top tool for my websites

We control websites for our clients and can use Metice to help our clients see how many visitors they have and where.

Robert S
Agency Founder

We feel safer with Metice

I used to use Google Analytics, but then I took a look at this platform and it has blown our minds. We don’t worry about Google anymore!

Charlie W

🎉 Meet our simple prices

All of our plans are guaranteed that will fit your business. You get instant access after ordering.




How long do you keep replays?

We keep session recordings and visitor events data for 7 days on session recordings and 20 for visitor events.

Can I use Metice on WordPress?

Yes! We've tested it and it works perfectly as on a usual website. You can also install Metice on Wix, Weebly and other CMS systems that support code.

What is the teams function?

Our unique teams function allows you to invite others of your team via email to access the data you've collected for specific websites.

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer any refunds for our plans as you are purchasing a digital membership. We recommend to try our free plan first.

What is a PAM (Personal Account Manager)?

It is simply one from our team who will be your personal go-to consultant regarding Metice. We will have follow-ups, and help you with our platform.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yep! No contract, or hidden fees. You can cancel at anytime through your account plan settings and change plan at anytime.

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