What is best of Advanced VS Lightweight Tracking?

Published on 2 March, 2021 | Knowledgebase | 204 views | 1 minutes read

What tracking method is the best to use?

This all depends on what information you want to gather, and if you need all the data.


Advanced Tracking:

- Requires GDPR, CCPA and PECR consent from visitors

- Able to know information from each visitor

- Session Replays 

- Know more about your visitors

- Heatmaps

- Detailed information about each visitor


Lightweight Tracking:

- Faster Loading

- No cookies or local storing of data

- GDPR, CCPA & PECR compliant, so no consent required

- No tracking consent required


Both Methods Includes:

- Able to set Goals

- View Realtime Visitors

- Dashboard for statistics

- Create and Join Teams



Which is the best to go for?

In most cases, we recommend using the lightweight tracking method as it doesn't require any consent from your visitors. This will give you enough data to understand your customers and see how many visitors your website daily/weekly. If you need more advanced data, like know more in-depth what your customers are clicking and navigating to, you may want to go for the advanced method, but you are required to get your visitor's consent to begin tracking their moves. 


Why not use Google Analytics which is free?

You can for sure use Google Analytics, but what Google does is selling the data they collect from your analytics to 3rd party companies and people who need this data to target your visitors to fit their searches. On the other hand, we don't share any of your analytics/data with any other company than ourselves, so your data is safe and secure. #PrivacyFirst


The lightweight method is best for most cases and is almost the same method as Google Analytics uses to track your visitors.

Last updated on: 3 March, 2021